Adventures in SF

Last week, my sister and I took a two-hour plane ride to the beautiful Bay of San Fransisco. Starting with initial high hopes of the non stop photoshoots to post here, we arrived in the hotel room and quickly realized my sister had not gotten her camera battery back from a borrowing friend. Sadly, we could not take any amazing high quality pictures of this glorious city (and the glorious apparel), but you would be surprised at the quality of the IPhone camera during desperate times.

Anyways, all’s well that ends well. It was a fantastic three days filled with chic late night dinners, sight seeing, museum visiting, and scary cab drives in the unforgiving hills. Here are some pictures we did manage to snap along the way.


Day 1 – shirt: UO pocket tee jeans: Zara denim shoes: Adidas Superstars Flannel: vintage


Day 2 – shirt: Me To We cami pants: Zara trousers jean jacket: BM denim bomber: Zara bomber heels: Steve Madden
Day 3 – …and the golden gate candids of course

6 thoughts on “Adventures in SF

  1. love the pictures!! i was in sf recently too – such a beautiful city! and the camera never really captures the extreme steepness of the hills does it 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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